Tuesday, 28 July 2009


SEQUINED DRESS & WAISTCOAT {Charity shop}; TIGHTS {Mum’s}; STRAW HAT {stall at Reading Festival}; HEADSCARF {Vintage}; WELLIES {B&Q ha!}

Summer is all about frolicking at festivals like merry squirrels. But recently the fun has been slightly taken away by this Fest-Fash obsession to look like Kate Moss or Sienna Miller. Don’t get me wrong, I think La Moss is faultlessly stylish, but that doesn’t mean that every teenage girl has to emulate her exactly. Mix it up; after all, Fests are all about letting loose!
I reckon SEQUINS + Coloured Tights + Wellies + STRAW HAT = The Ultimate Festival Outfit. Team with a warm pint of Strongbow, rain and an essential leather BUMBAG and you’re all set!

EVERYONE COME TO BIG CHILL! And buy lots of drinks cos I am working on the bar J

- Bumbag to keep your valuables private close to your privates
- Facewipes cos you get dutty
- TOP TIP ALERT!! Marigold plastic gloves to wear when taking off your wellies
- Cup-a-soup, treats and water – you don’t want to pass out spontaneously from lack of food and dehydration when taking a public wazz like my mate Juz…
- Black marker pen to do BODY ART in those bored, semi-pissed hours

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