Tuesday, 28 July 2009


SEQUINED DRESS & WAISTCOAT {Charity shop}; TIGHTS {Mum’s}; STRAW HAT {stall at Reading Festival}; HEADSCARF {Vintage}; WELLIES {B&Q ha!}

Summer is all about frolicking at festivals like merry squirrels. But recently the fun has been slightly taken away by this Fest-Fash obsession to look like Kate Moss or Sienna Miller. Don’t get me wrong, I think La Moss is faultlessly stylish, but that doesn’t mean that every teenage girl has to emulate her exactly. Mix it up; after all, Fests are all about letting loose!
I reckon SEQUINS + Coloured Tights + Wellies + STRAW HAT = The Ultimate Festival Outfit. Team with a warm pint of Strongbow, rain and an essential leather BUMBAG and you’re all set!

EVERYONE COME TO BIG CHILL! And buy lots of drinks cos I am working on the bar J

- Bumbag to keep your valuables private close to your privates
- Facewipes cos you get dutty
- TOP TIP ALERT!! Marigold plastic gloves to wear when taking off your wellies
- Cup-a-soup, treats and water – you don’t want to pass out spontaneously from lack of food and dehydration when taking a public wazz like my mate Juz…
- Black marker pen to do BODY ART in those bored, semi-pissed hours

Saturday, 25 July 2009


I was minding my own business on Swanfield St yesterday when who did I have the pleasure of bumping into? Only the eponymous heroine of the fashion blog www.whatkatiewore.com! I recently read about it in Grazia and fell in love with it, so when I saw her I literally did a double take, shouted 'Excuse me!', then proceeded to bombard her with compliments for 5 minutes. Real cool, I know.

THE BLOG: Katie's significant other, Joe, decided to photograph Katie everyday for a year in her AMAZING clothes to compile a kind of year-long bloggy love letter. WHY DON'T I KNOW MEN LIKE THIS??? Anyhooo, this outfit was the one she was wearing when I gushed at her on the street and its like the best jumpsuit I've ever seen.

Friday, 24 July 2009


I thought it was about time I introduced you to some of my style icons that continually influence and inspire me. I have always adored the kitsch uber-feminine styling of the war-era pin-up girl. These illustrations made sex chic because of what they almost revealed, and have remained timelessly sexy and stylish, influencing celebrities from Amy Winehouse to Dita Von Teese. Oooh and I do love a good peep-toe slingback. Need to get a cone bra though…

Also I love how V.V. Brown has modernized the vargas girl's trademark fringe hair roll

GET THE LOOK: Fold fringe back, attach kirbygrips, apply 4 cans of hairspray and don’t go playing in the rain. Can also be achieved by putting folding your fringe back over a large roller

Monday, 20 July 2009

DIOR Haute Couture A/W 2009-2010

I am ridiiiiicuously in love with how Galliano’s collection re-animates the elegance and grace of the 50s but ups the sex factor by putting corseting, stockings, suspenders and silky brassieres on show.
My faves were the silky slips saucily poking out from beneath the hems of dresses, the huge BOWs (!!) on the fabulous hats, the reams and reams of netting and The Ultimate Leopard-Print Dress with ruffled sleeves…num num num…I am slightly salivating right now.
Also the the slap got fiiiieeerrrcce.


Flo: Wild-Child JACKET {Topshop}; Bertha Babydoll DRESS {Charity shop}; PEARLS {Topshop}; STOCKINGS {Marks and Spencer}; Hubby-KILLER HEELS {Barratts}

Flo has just killed her husband and buried him somewhere in Epping Forest. But damn she looks fierce…he would be proud. I love LACE, and am currently obsessed with the Victorian/Gothic heroine look of lace-trim necklines. Matching it with 80S PRINTS and colours like Flo’s BLUE NAILIES make the whole look a delightfully contrasting…but still killer.

HEADS UP!: Same colour tights and lipstick = The new way to match??

Deep lippy and bright eyes – 80s trash at its best...

Saturday, 18 July 2009


Flo (left): Lace LEOTARD worn as top {Grace’s mum’s}; CARDIE {knitted for me when I was 9 by Auntie Hazel}; SKIRT {Upper 5th}; TIGHTS {Marks and Spencer}; HEELS {Office}

Grace (right): Ruffle SHIRT {Marcos & Trump}; SHORTS {Dad’s cut-offs}; BELT{Charity shop}; JACKET{Vintage}; BROGUE HEELS {Priceless Shoes!!*}; BROLLY {Sue Rider}; HEART CUSHION {Graceland}

*Never fear Priceless Shoes or even,..Shoezone (shock horror!) – I have found a few pairs of sweeeet shoes for absolute pittance nestling between the £3 fake Crocs

It is simply the best of fun to run around local fields in the wind and rain shooting photos while people park up to glare at you.
Ok, I didn’t make the heart cushion in the pic (‘cos the shape might be a bit hard) but I do love making square (!) cushions out of spare bits of fabric from old curtains/size 20 dresses from charity shops. They make your bed all snugly and are great gifts in these hard times – I made my best friend one for her birthday and even made one for each of my housemates this year with their names on*. Awwwww bless, I know. You really want to make one now though:

1) Cut out 2 squares of fabric (fold corner across to get accurate square!)
2) Sew together 2 squares of fabric inside out
3) Leave a good enough space at one corner to stuff the fabric through
4) Turn the fabric the right way round
5) Stuff away with teddy-bear stuffing! (you can get this from a Haberdashery)
6) Sew up the corner and you have a comfy ol’cushion

*Graceland cushions will be on sale soon…

Très Thelma and Louise, non?

Flo (left): EARRINGS {Topshop}; FLOWER HAIRCLIPS {Accessorize}; PEACH LIPGLOSS {Natural Collection, Boots}

Grace (right): HEADSCARF {Vintage}; RED LIPSTICK {Rimmel, Boots}>

Thursday, 16 July 2009


Grace (left):
JUMPER customised with lace* {Graceland}; HOUNDSTOOTH SKIRT {Upper 5th}; TIGHTS & LACE GLOVES {Primark}; DOROTHY HEELS {Dorothy Perkins}; BAG {Flo’s Grandma}; HEADSCARF {Grace’s Grandma}

*To customise a jumper like this:
- Buy about 60 inches of lace from a haberdashers or market
- First pin the top of the lace around the neckline
- Then sew carefully by hand/machine
- Sew another 2 rows of lace beneath top row, at about 2 inch intervals

Flo (right):
POLKA-DOT POLLY DRESS {Graceland}; NECKLACE {Topshop}; HEELS {Charity shop}; H&M BASKET BAG customised with FLOWER brooch* {New Look: £5!}

*A cheap basket bag can be easily made to feel pretty by adding a flower corsage, oversized bow, or vintage scarf tied around the handle

I love LICORICE TEA, although this is not in my cup. Flo is the best model EVER for my clothes because she looks like a lovely doll and her hair actually made me squeal a little. UPPER 5th is a fantastic brand that I was lucky enough to do an internship with in April – they’re all about popping colours, leopard print, polka dots, 50s shapes and BOWS BOWS BOWS! Check them out at www.upper5th.com or in store at Topshop Oxford St & The Laden Showroom.

SUNGLASSES {Charity shop: £1.50}

*Check out larger department shops and places like Tie Rack for sexy socks and team with bright vintage heels for that grown-up schoolgirl look. But not in the tarty sense.

Yellow and green EYESHADOW and pink LIPSTICK {Barry M}; BLUSHER {Bourjois}

- Pencil/shade in eyebrows a few shades darker than your hair & extend the ends a little further to make them STRONG like bull
- For Flo’s china-doll look, circle blusher on the apples of your cheeks & add bright PINK LIPSTICK which misses the corners of your bottom lip. Like Lady Gaga but less scary Geisha.

Hello there lovelies...

My style is a healthy dollop of granny, with some essence of little girl thrown in and mushed up a bit, then spurted out with a headscarf thrown on top for seasoning. I have a habit of chopping long floral skirts & dresses from charity shops down to a crotch-skimming length and mucking around with other clothes…Look out for Graceland creations…. I am regularly inspired by the grannies in my local old-people’s home; their elegant pleated skirt, pastel cardie and trench coat ensemble makes me snap my fingers and say “Ooooohh Chiiiillldd!”

I wish we all still dressed that well.