Friday, 13 April 2012

I heart Wood Street!

Today I found THE SECRET GEM of Walthamstow - Wood Street Indoor Market! Move over Orford Road, stand aside Walthamstow Village, you've got a slightly crappier, yet way cooler little sister in town!

It seems that the old boys and girls at the local council have finally decided that E17 was growing into a bit of a shit-hole, what with all the muggings and stabbings and that, and needed a serious make-over before the 'lympics, so they've given some wads of cash to some lovely arty types :-) nice folk eh?

It's full of super-cheap vintage shops, artists, designers, home-made cakes, craft shops, upholsterers, cafes &tc &tc. A general miss-mash of 'makers' (a term I have never heard that before, but hey, I think I'm going to call myself a 'maker' now too - it's got a nice god-like ring to it...)

Some lovely 'makers' that I met and bent the ears off in my haze of excitement were Animaux CircusAnja JaneCraft Guerilla (who also hold knit & natter meetings at the Rose & Crown in Walthamstow on the 2nd Thurs of each month). Super excited to have such creative people a stone's throw away from my yard!

AND the market even has a tiny weeny theatre! I went to their opening show tonight, a play by Write by Numbers about a guy with asperger's syndrome taking photos of what makes him happy and starting a Flickr sensation. *communal awwwww* It's on for the next month, and it's free, so give it a go.

Another lovely thing that's been added to the area to give it a sprucing is a beautiful and very funny and very east-end mural about the history of Wood St. It's called 'Tall Tales and Dubious Stories', and it's amazeballs - well worth a read, a stare and a piccie or two.

Im still feeling a bit dizzy at seeing my area get trendy before me very eyes. Need a to lie-down.

<3 x :-)

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